Sunday – Plyometrics

  • Box Jump (height = top of picnic table)
    • 30 reps (concentric only)
  • Single Legged Box Jump (height = seat of picnic table)
    • 15 reps each leg (concentric only)


I tried doing a box jump with a broomstick in the overhead squat position. It didn’t turn out so well. I smashed my shin leaving a small surface scratch but much pain.

bleeding shin jump box

Nancy Kerr – Manitoba Teachers’ Society

This is fraud and I haven’t been successful in reporting it. I have tried the Manitoba Teacher’s Society (union), RCMP, various MP’s and MLA’s (all 3 major parties), Employment Insurance Canada, the Labor Board, and Revenue Canada is still investigating this problem with no resolution. I need to file my 2014 income tax according to law but my employer is refusing to correct the multiple false T4s and record of employments (ROEs) they have issued me. Could someone please help me out? Please read the response by MTS union worker Nancy Kerr in the email attached. She confirms in her emails she is aware of all these problems but is more concerned about her colleague retiring then helping me out. I was paying unions fees the whole year so there is an expectation that the union would help me out. The T4 attached is for the wrong Province. I thought that would be an easy one to correct. Why won’t they amend it? I am not willing to file my income tax with T4s issued for the wrong province. Additionally my employer issued 3 different T4s that are all incorrect. I didn’t even get a heath benefits card when I needed to go for surgery but yet money was taken from my pay cheques to cover the cost of these medical benefits. I also have pay studs confirming that my pay was altered several times throughout the school year. For example, certain staff members were paid before Christmas while several others including myself had their paycheques withheld until they returned from the xmas break. The one pay stub I included doesn’t make any scene at all. I have a gross pay of $2,217 but a net pay of $334 with $1,883 worth of deductions.

Wrong Province on T4 - 1 Pay Stub - 6 - Incorrect 001

Nancy Kerr - Manitoba Teachers' Society
Nancy Kerr – Manitoba Teachers’ Society

Saturday – Push

  • Bench Press (w/ bottom pause)
    • 185 lbs x 2 reps
    • 205 lbs x 2 reps
    • 225 lbs x 1 rep
  • Front Squat (w/o belt)
    • 185 lbs, sets x 3 reps
    • 205 lbs x 1 rep
    • 225 lbs x 1 rep*


This is my first time benching in awhile. I know that I am going to hit a new PR in the bench press as I have been killing the shit out of my shoulders with the overhead press and snatch the past few weeks. It has proved to be an effective way to reset my central nervous system.

* I had difficulty with the rack position on the concentric part of the movement.

Friday – Deadlift

  • Conventional Deadlift (w/o belt, w/o strap)
    • 275 lbs, 12 sets x 1 rep
    • 325 lbs x 1 rep
    • 345 lbs x 1 rep
  • Clean Deadlift (w/o belt, w/o straps)
    • 275 lbs, 3 sets x 1 rep
  • Clean Deadlift (w/o belt, w/ hook grip)
    • 205 lbs, 7 sets x 1 rep
  • Clean Deadlift (w/o belt, w/ straps)
    • 275 lbs, 7 sets x 1 rep
  • Conventional Deadlift (w/o belt, w/ straps)
    • 275 lbs, 7 sets x 1 rep
    • 295 lbs, 3 sets x 1 rep


Only the concentric portion of the deadlift was completed. The weight was dropped using bumper plates. Everything was kept light to focus on speed.

Wednesday – Pull

  • Clean
    • 185 lbs, 3 sets x 1 rep
    • 195 lbs, 3 sets x 1 rep
    • 205 lbs x 1 rep
  • Snatch
    • 105 lbs x 3 reps
    • 115 lbs x 3 reps
    • 125 lbs x 3 reps


I wanted to do some weighted pull-ups and deadlift but I am feeling the fatigue. My shoulders are also extremely sore. My entire delts feel pulverized to the point that I didn’t want to bench press last push day. The Olympic lifts are definitely placing a great deal of stress on the shoulders compared to the typical powerlifting and bodybuilding exercises I am used to.

Tuesday – Legs

  • Front Squat (w/o belt)
    • 205 lbs x 1 rep
    • 220 lbs x 1 rep*
  • Back Squat (w/o belt)
    • 235 lbs, 2 sets x 3 reps
    • 255 lbs, 2 sets x 2 reps
  • Overhead Squat
    • 75 lbs x 7 reps
    • 95 lbs, 2 sets x 3 reps


* I scraped my left front shoulder doing this last rep. I am still learning this exercise. Perhaps it was my technique or maybe the shirt I was wearing was not appropriate for doing this exercise. Nevertheless, it is exciting to set a new PR and know that once I improve my technique I will lift some serious weight in the front squat.