Back, Chest

7 sets x 3 reps wide grip hammer chin ups using 62.5 lbs for the last three sets and bench presses using 180 lbs for 5×5.

The chin ups felt easier today even though I added another 2.5 lbs. I will be able to do triples with 70 lbs in a week or two. 150 lb chin up is well on it’s way. Last time I went from 2.5 lbs to 100 lbs and quit. This time I want to break my personal record but also not quit this time once I have done that.

The bench presses are still easy with 180 lbs but I do sometimes feel my left shoulder. It is an old injury that has now healed and is the reason I started my program with such light weight.

I beleive that bench pressing light for an extended period of time with further rehabilitate my shoulder but will also allow me to learn an entirely different bench press technique. The muscles and the nerves are familiar with the old neuromuscular patter assosiated with my previous technique and has to be unlearned.

I changed from a powerlifting style bench press in which the amount of weight lifted is the primary target to a typical body building style of bench press where I no longer touch the chest and keep my elbows flared out.

Note: The phrase… elbows flared out means that the focus is no longer on tucking the elbows in and worrying about the bar travelling in an arch like motion. Elbows flared out means the bar travels in a straight vertical path with no or little horizontal motion. This requires more front delt whereas tucking the elbows in places the stress predominantly on the triceps.

Back, Chest

Wide grip hammer chin-ups with weight. 7 reps body weight warm up and then 10, 25 35, and 45 lbs x 3 reps pyramidding with each weight. After my warm up I do 3 sets x 3 reps using 60 lbs with minimal rest between sets.

Bench press 5×5 using 175 lbs is till baby weight but I still can pump the muscles effectively with it. The frst two sets are a warm up with 135 lbs and 155 lbs. Then 3 sets x 5 reps with 175 lbs. I weight 161 lbs so this is more then my body weight and each rep is done similar to a Spoto press with a slight pause at the bottom a few inches above the chest.

The Spoto press developed by Eric Spoto, World Champ, 725 lbs raw bench presser, is effective and prevents me from overusing my should joints. I will also write bench presses simply because most people wouldn’t know what the hell I am talking about.

Back, Chest

10 sets x 3 reps of wide grip hammer chin ups followed by 5×5 in the bench press using 170 lbs.

For the chins I warmed up with 7 reps body weight, then 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 45 lbs x 3 reps with each weight, and 57.5 lbs for 3 sets x 3 reps.

The bench I do 135 x 5, 155 x 5, and then 170 lbs for 3 sets x 5 reps. I laugh a little cause this is baby weight except I am only 161 lbs so this is a totally more then I weight. I should be able to do 5 reps with 225 lbs at this weight. In order to go up to 275 lbs I will have to get a little bigger.

Back, Chest

55 lbs wide grip hammer chins and 5×5 bench with 165 lbs. Current body weight is 161 lbs.

For the chin ups I warmed up by doing 7 reps with my bodyweight, then 25 lbs for 3 reps, and then 35 lbs for 3 reps before going to my top weight of 55 lbs for 7 sets x 3 reps.

As the weight gets heavier I will lower the number of work sets by adding additional warm up sets. For example, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 45 lbs, and jump to 65 lbs for maybe 5 sets. I will figure it out as I go.

In the bench press the weight is bouncing for me. I am going 5 x 5 with my body weight. Eventually I would like to get to 5×5 using 275 lbs. I will see how it goes. 5×5 with 225 will be easy.

However, some guys can bench double their body weight….. I don’t think I am big enough. Only 5’8″ and161 lbs. You need big, wide shoulders to bench heavy. I am a skinny person so it is just not going to happen.

Back, Chest

7 sets x 3 reps wide grip chins followed by 5×5 bench press using 160 lbs.

The first set of chins are done using 25 lbs, then the second set with 35 lbs, and the last five sets with 52.5 lbs. I also do a quick warm up for 7 reps using bodyweight only before adding any weight.

Back, Chest

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip chins using 50 lbs attached to my belt. I did benches in the evening using 155 lbs for 5×5.

I can’t touch my Adam’s apple on the third rep of each set using 50 lbs. This is fine as it is called a chin up and now that the weight is getting heavier I am forced to use a regular range of motion.

I don’t train abs so my abs are really taking a shit kicking right now. That is a lot of weight around my waist and the abs have to support it. I also woke up with a sore lower back one day. My body isn’t used to having a large weight attached to my waist. It will take time to adapt.

The good news is I can feel the muscles working especially the biceps right now. I love the feeling and feel macho. I know for sure I will be able to get past 100 lbs for single reps for sure. I will keep going this time and won’t stop. I think I have a 150 lb chin in me within the next 6 months. I can feel it!

In the bench press the weight is bouncing. I could barely feel the muscles and then bamb the set was done. 5 reps is easy. Going to keep adding 5 lbs a workout for at least 3 months straight.

Chest, Back

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip chins with 47.5 lbs attached to my belt followed by bench press for 5 x 5 using 150 lbs. My bodyweight today is 163 lbs.

I also found my bounce in the bench press so I am just going to rip it. I project 275 lbs 5 x 5 but will vision 315 lbs.

The weight I am benching today is submaximal maybe 40 %. As mentioned I am 40 years old and will be doing this slowly and will creep up in weight 5 lbs a workout.

Chest, Back

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip hammer chins with a 45 lb plate strapped to my belt. Followed by 5 sets x 5 reps bench press using 145 lbs. Light Weight Baby! Lol. No that wasn’t Ronnie Colemam it was just a bad joke about my baby weight bench press.

However, I am nearing my bodyweight and pressing this overhead is no problem. How many bitches can say they can press their body weight over their head. Not many!

So what I am doing here is relearning the movement and starting from scratch. I am doing a bodybuilders style bench press and think I may have found my rhythm today. The weight bounced and felt easier to press like a feather.

This can also result from dropping from the 100 reps I used to do to 25. Obviously that was a huge decrease in volume but nevertheless I will move up slowly in weight.

I am also visualizing an old black and white workout chart I used to have by York about 20 years ago. This is the workout I did back then. I am taking a trip into the past each workout.

The muscle memory is coming back and I even started remembering the time spent in the gym back then  as well as my old training goals and programs. It is the weirdest fucking thing ever. Blast from the past when you start doing something long ago and it comes back to you.

Chest, Back

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip hammer chins using 42.5 lbs attached to my belt followed by 5 sets x 5 reps in the bench press.

I decided to mix my program around and dropped the reps in the bench press. As exciting as German volume training is it has run its course and is boring for me right now. Plus it is excessive. I was only using 135 lbs and will start from there adding 5 lbs a workout until it gets challenging. When that happens I am going to quit. Last time I did 5 x 5 with around 240 lbs but not sure if I want to go bench crazy.

What I really want to do is get that rhythm back I once had in the bench. I live chins but hate the bench right now.  I need to go back in time and figure out what went wrong.

Tucking in the elbows… lol. Big mistake. Leads to dependence on triceps and doesn’t built the front delt require to hold a big weight. I want to try more of a bodybuilders style bench press and reinvent it for myself and hope to find that rhythm I once had. That bounce.

Right now I got that bounce in my chin ups like a little blessing from God. I love the way the bar feels in my hand and I love to rip. I can crush a 45 lbs player on the chin to the Adam’s apple and hold it there for 10 seconds. How do you like dem apples?

So lol I did 5 x 5 with only 140 lbs. That is ok cause 5 lbs a workout doesn’t take long to add up. I can jump right up to 185 lbs and start there by I am 40 years old and I prefer letting my joints adapt to the weight slowly. I will be at 240 lbs soon enough, max out, get frustrated, and quit like I always do.

At that point it doesn’t matter just as long as I set a new personal best. If that was achieved I pick a different exercise to focus on. This is similar to the training principle of specialization. In order to continuously drive the body forward you simply can’t build everything at once. You need to focus on one area at a time in order to surpass the physiological limitations of progressive adaptation.