Friday – Back & Biceps

  • Deadlift (w/o belt, w/o straps)
    • 325 lbs x 1 rep
    • 395 lbs x 1 rep*
  • Barbell Rows (245 lbs, w/ straps), 3 sets x 7 reps
  • Shrugs (435 lbs, w/ straps), 2 sets x 12 reps
  • Bent Arm Barbell Pullovers (145 lbs), 3 sets x 5 reps
  • Dumbbell Concentration Curl (35 lbs), 2 sets x 12 reps


* I failed on my first attempt because I haven’t tried a max PR in some time and recently just got over a cold. This was also 15 lbs heavier then my last successful max PR. However, since I was able to lift the weight on my first attempt 3-4″ off the ground I thought I would rest and give it a second try. Fortunately I did as I set a new max PR at my current bodyweight of 165 lbs.