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Transitioning to Olympic Weightlifting

The Template

Snatch (Heavy)
Clean and Jerk (Light)

Front squat
Shoulder Press
Pull-Ups or Row

Snatch (Light)
Clean and Jerk (Heavy)

Front squat

Rep Schemes

During the first phase of training you will work up to five singles on each of the lifts after you have warmed up with Pendlay’s teaching progression. This should last for several weeks.

Then one lift will be medium while the other is progressed. “Medium” means at least 80% of a hypothetical max. Do 6 to 10 reps at this weight. The “heavier” lift will be pushed by the standard 5 lbs and hit for 3 to 5 singles. When 5 singles gets hard, just do 3ish. When 3 gets hard, just do 2. When you can only hit a top rep, aim to push it steadily every week. Eventually it won’t go up, but if you did this right you should have at least 2 or 3 months of this progression.

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Know Your Ratios

I found a good article that I wanted to post that contains a reference list based on the back squat which can be used to help you determine if you have any overall strengths and weaknesses beneficial for weightlifters.

Reference Lift: Back Squat 100%

Front Squat: 85% of back squat
Clean Deadlift: 100% of back squat
Snatch Deadlift: 90% of back squat
Powerlifting Deadlift: 120% of back squat
Bench Press: 75% of back squat
Close-Grip Bench Press: 67.5% of back squat
Push Press: 63.75% of back squat
Incline Bench Press: 60% of back squat
Military Press (standing, strict): 45% of back squat
Weighted Dip: 78.75% of back squat (bodyweight included)
Supinated Chin-Up: 67.5% of back squat (bodyweight included)
Chest-Supported Barbell Row (torso parallel): 52.5% of back squat
Preacher Curl: 30% of back squat
Standing Reverse Curl: 26.25% of back squat
Clean & Jerk: 80% of back squat
Snatch: 66% of back squat
Clean: 81.6% of back squat
Jerk: 84% of back squat
Power Clean: 68% of back squat
Power Jerk: 72% of back squat
Power Snatch: 54% of back squat
Front Squat: 85% of back squat