Tuesday – Pull Workout


* I am using a kick to help reach my chin to the bar on the third rep of the last two sets. Kicking to cheat in the chin-up is similar to using body motion to cheat during the barbell curl or any other rowing motion.

Saturday’s Workout – Pull

  • Chin-ups (BW=159 lbs + 67.5 lbs), 3 sets x 3 reps


I am currently fighting a cold so this is the second time this week I crapped out on my training. However, I felt it was important to ensure that I performed at least one compound exercise. Fortunately chins, if performed with a high enough intensity, stress both the back and biceps enough that today’s effort can be considered a workout.

Thursday’s Workout – Pull

  • Chin-ups* (BW=157 lbs), 40 lbs Backpack, 3 sets x 8 reps


* There seems to be a huge difference in suspending weight from your waist in a deadhang position compared to having the weight in a backpack. I could only do 8 reps with a backpack compared to the sets of 12 reps I was able to do the previous workout with the weight in a deadhang position.