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Why Keep Training?


I entered a powerlifting tournament not too long ago and came in last place in my weight class. One of the lifters had his pro card and another pulled a 600 lbs deadlift in my weight class.

This is absolutely retarded. They lift almost as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his prime and he admitted to steroid use because it was legal then. Arnold was 250 lbs in competition and this young Powerlifter was only 180 lbs.

I am of course a natty for life and didn’t feel that I really fit in. I lift completely raw and won’t use a belt or knee wraps either.

Belts and knee wraps add weight to your lift. You often see on YouTube and in fitness magazines powerliters squatting monolithic weights of over 1,000 lbs. Take away their belts, wraps, and suits and this equipped squat translates into a raw 750 lbs Paul Anderson style of squat.

Why keep training?

In time a natty will surpass a bunch of pathetic weaklings who need to take steroids and need equipment to lift.

If you believe you are destined for greatness then choose the path less travelled. Take a look at my workout routine. It has made me the strongest natty I know and it can do the same for you.