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Monday – Pull Workout


* This is the first time being able to do pull-ups again in over half a year since I hurt my shoulder and instead have been doing chin-ups. The weight felt a little heavy so I am going to drop down in weight and work my way back up slowly so I can allow myself to fully stretch at the bottom part of the movement. My should injury limited my range of motion and I haven’t allowed myself to fully stretch the lats in the bottom portion of the pull-up or the chin-up.

** I have only attempted the strict curl a couple of times since I started working out two years ago. I knew the amount I could curl was high but was surprised to find out that I size up to some of the worlds strongest in the strict curl. I am 39 years of age and currently 193 lbs because I am trying to bulk up right now. Compared to raw powerlifting world records in the strict curl I would only have to gain another 15 to 40 lbs in my curl to challenge a world record depending on which weight class I enter.