Physical Labour Builds Muscle

Here is a riddle for those trying to figure out how to get big. I had this epiphany when I was reading a book written by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Every aspect of Arnold’s training involved high volume. Where can you observe this in nature?

Here is the riddle: How do physical labourers such as mechanics, rig workers, construction workers, and etc get jacked from doing their jobs? Selah.

The answer to this question is the correct approach to muscle building and will yeild no less the same results.

Evidence: A mechanics upper body in particular their forearm size.

There are many mechanics that have forearms comparable to bodybuilders. In fact I have seen many with bigger forearms then most people can aquire at the gym using normal training.

What this tells you about the human capacity to gain muscle is that extreme repetition induces these changes. That means doing many submaximal sets over a long period of time without burning out or getting injured.

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