Redefining Natural

What is a Natty?

There are a lot of athletes out there that claim to be natural and drug free. And they very well might be. However, there is a clear distinction between a real natty and athlete that is natural or drug free.

A natty is a natty for life. This means they have never used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Muscles have memory. If you have stretched the boundaries of human performance your muscles can regain that strength back at an incredibly fast rate years after those results have been lost.

Natural bodybuilders are not natural. It only means the federation they belong to is subjected to random drug testing and most performance enhancing drugs can be out of your system with a quick 3 month detox.

Almost all natural bodybuilders use PEDs to build mass during the off season and remain natural only while they compete. As a result the word natty was coined by fitness fanatics to redefine what natural really means.

If you have used PEDs in the past please don’t call yourself a natty. You might currently be natural and drug free but you can never be a natty.

There is only one way to be a natty. Natty for life!

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