20-Rep Exercises to Grow

If you are trying to get big as a natty it is important to choose the right exercises. Some exercises are difficult to learn while others don’t allow much weight to be used.

If you are an experienced lifter you might already be aware of these exercises; however, many beginners often get stuck on the wrong exercise and seldom get the results they desire.

For example, if you want to get big that is not going to happen by doing biceps preacher curls and bench presses. However, this is all I see people predominately doing in the gym.

The chest and biceps are small muscle groups. If you want to get big you need to focus on training the large muscle groups heavy – legs and back – while still incorporating isolation exercises.

The best exercises to grow are the Romanian deadlift (RDL), floor press, box squat, barbell row, and shrugs. The reason being is that these compound exercises work multiple muscle groups and allow a person to handle the heaviest weight humanly possibly without risk of injury or creating a muscle imbalance. Every other exercise you is considered an auxiliary exercise.

The RDL will build the hamstring and lower back; the floor press will build the chest, front delts, and triceps; the box squat will build the quads; the barbell row will build your upper back, lats, and biceps; and shrugs will build your traps.

Do these exercises with your regular training; do them first after a light warm up and perform one top set of 20 reps. Each workout try to add 5 lbs to the bar and continue doing this until you can no longer manage to get all 20 reps. Depending on the individual and if equipment is used you might be able to add over 100 lbs to each of these exercises before stopping and at least 200 lbs to your shrugs.

The feeling you get form doing these heavy exercises and continuously adding weight to the bar becomes highly addictive and you will soon find yourself treating all other exercises as secondary.

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