Rear Delt Pre-exhaustion

If your rear delts are a lagging bodypart or if you want that extra cut in this area of the shoulder, this rear delt pre-exhaustion routine is for you.

The first exercise chosen always has to be an isolation exercise. Any isolation exercise for the rear delts is acceptable such as bent over or seated dumbbell lateral raise – machine or cable – just as long as both rear delts are isolated an worked simultaneously. This first exercise is also ideally meant to be performed using strict form with light weight using full contraction.

The second exercise is also a compound exercise. Any compound exercise for the middle back such as barbell row, chin-up or pull-up, seated cable row, lat pull-down, or T-bar row.

I recommend using high enough reps in the first exercise performed to ensure you feel a lactic acid burn in the rear delts to ensure they have been pre-exhausted (7 to 20 reps).

And then use lower reps (3 to 7) and heavy weight for the second exercise. It is also important that the second exercise is performed immediately after the completing the first exercise.

Rest 45 to 90 seconds and repeat. After three or four sets your rear delts will be burning from lactic acid that will anatomically reveal their point or origin and insertion – in the pre-exhaustion house of pain.

Rear Delt Pre-exhaustion Routine:

  • Bent Over Lateral Raise
    • 30 lbs, 5 sets 7 reps
  • Barbell Row
    • 135 lbs, 5 sets x 7 reps

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