Supersets for Superman Muscles


Joe Weider’s superset training principle involves working two antagonistic muscle groups back to back without any rest. Supersets increase the vasculature of muscles as blood is pumped into one muscle group and then pulled out in order to be pumped into the antagonistic muscle group.

The physiological benefits of blood being pumped in and out of the muscles are not completely known. Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to this phenomenon as “The Pump” and used superset training extensively in his training. The most popular common antagonist muscle groups trained are: chest and back, biceps, and triceps, quads and hamstrings.

The most effective supersets training are volume programs. In order to generate a physiological adaptation the volume of work needs to be quantified and recorded. Submaximal weights are often used so a prescribed number of sets and reps can be performed.

The amount of rest between sets also needs to be timed and recorded. For example, you might start with rest intervals of 30 seconds and then as you begin to add weight overtime you might be allowing yourself to unknowingly rest longer. Most mobile devices have timers that can be set or you can use your wrist watch.

Overtime you can slowly add weight to both exercises or decrease the amount of rest between sets to progressively overload the muscles.

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