Back, Chest

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip chins using 50 lbs attached to my belt. I did benches in the evening using 155 lbs for 5×5.

I can’t touch my Adam’s apple on the third rep of each set using 50 lbs. This is fine as it is called a chin up and now that the weight is getting heavier I am forced to use a regular range of motion.

I don’t train abs so my abs are really taking a shit kicking right now. That is a lot of weight around my waist and the abs have to support it. I also woke up with a sore lower back one day. My body isn’t used to having a large weight attached to my waist. It will take time to adapt.

The good news is I can feel the muscles working especially the biceps right now. I love the feeling and feel macho. I know for sure I will be able to get past 100 lbs for single reps for sure. I will keep going this time and won’t stop. I think I have a 150 lb chin in me within the next 6 months. I can feel it!

In the bench press the weight is bouncing. I could barely feel the muscles and then bamb the set was done. 5 reps is easy. Going to keep adding 5 lbs a workout for at least 3 months straight.

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