Back, Chest

7 sets x 3 reps wide grip hammer chin ups using 62.5 lbs for the last three sets and bench presses using 180 lbs for 5×5.

The chin ups felt easier today even though I added another 2.5 lbs. I will be able to do triples with 70 lbs in a week or two. 150 lb chin up is well on it’s way. Last time I went from 2.5 lbs to 100 lbs and quit. This time I want to break my personal record but also not quit this time once I have done that.

The bench presses are still easy with 180 lbs but I do sometimes feel my left shoulder. It is an old injury that has now healed and is the reason I started my program with such light weight.

I beleive that bench pressing light for an extended period of time with further rehabilitate my shoulder but will also allow me to learn an entirely different bench press technique. The muscles and the nerves are familiar with the old neuromuscular patter assosiated with my previous technique and has to be unlearned.

I changed from a powerlifting style bench press in which the amount of weight lifted is the primary target to a typical body building style of bench press where I no longer touch the chest and keep my elbows flared out.

Note: The phrase… elbows flared out means that the focus is no longer on tucking the elbows in and worrying about the bar travelling in an arch like motion. Elbows flared out means the bar travels in a straight vertical path with no or little horizontal motion. This requires more front delt whereas tucking the elbows in places the stress predominantly on the triceps.

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