Chest, Back

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip hammer chins with a 45 lb plate strapped to my belt. Followed by 5 sets x 5 reps bench press using 145 lbs. Light Weight Baby! Lol. No that wasn’t Ronnie Colemam it was just a bad joke about my baby weight bench press.

However, I am nearing my bodyweight and pressing this overhead is no problem. How many bitches can say they can press their body weight over their head. Not many!

So what I am doing here is relearning the movement and starting from scratch. I am doing a bodybuilders style bench press and think I may have found my rhythm today. The weight bounced and felt easier to press like a feather.

This can also result from dropping from the 100 reps I used to do to 25. Obviously that was a huge decrease in volume but nevertheless I will move up slowly in weight.

I am also visualizing an old black and white workout chart I used to have by York about 20 years ago. This is the workout I did back then. I am taking a trip into the past each workout.

The muscle memory is coming back and I even started remembering the time spent in the gym back then  as well as my old training goals and programs. It is the weirdest fucking thing ever. Blast from the past when you start doing something long ago and it comes back to you.

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