Chest, Back

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip chins using 30 lbs attached to my waist followed by 10 sets x 10 speed reps bench press using 135 lbs.

The other day I was worried about my cheat curl and miss it. I don’t have time for an isolation exercise in my life right now.

I am relying on the chin up to build big arms and hope it works. The other day after finishing my workout I later noticed a pull in my biceps when I extended my arm straight. This is evidence stress is being placed on the muscles there.

It is a psychological battle as I no longer experience muscle soreness in the biceps. The biceps adapt fast and are difficult to get sore. If you can make your biceps sore your arms will grow for sure.

Right now I am having trouble finding the time so I hope I hope I still get big guns from heavy chins.

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