Chest, Back

10 sets x 3 reps wide grip hammer chins using 40 lbs attached to my belt followed by 10 sets x 10 reps speed bench press.

For the Chins I like to do one ser with 25 lbs and then the other nine with regular weight rest/pause style. This way I can do a few sets each time without reloading my belt. For example, I will do three sets and take off the weight so u can either have a smoke or a Pepsi before continuing.

This makes for unusual rest breaks but it allows me to recover from the shorter rest periods when I have the weight attached to my belt. I mean come on… do you really want to have the fucking weight attached to your belt for all ten sets. I find it hard to move around with it on as the weight is so clumsy attached to the belt.

Rest/pause is a high intensity technique. Right now I am at half weight but as I near 80 lbs for triples how I maneuver around with this weight attached to my 32 inch belt becomes increasingly difficult.

I plan on breaking my old personal record of 100 lbs and maybe push for 120 to 150 lbs.

As a result, I am not focused on the benc press right now. The chest, anterior delts, and triceps are antagonistic muscles used in the chin so a certain degree of balance will actually help improve the chances of reaching my goal.

In fact I think since I haven’t trained in six months I am gaining again like a beginner so who knows what the limit will be this time around. Last time I was able to do 17 reps with 40 lbs in 60 seconds. This is up their with the world record.

I am also not sure what to do about my bench press. I need an exercise that can allow me to cheat and there is no forgiveness in the bench press. If you don’t have a spotter or bands you won’t get far.

Everything I do is raw so I have no interest in bands. I thought about dropping from 10 x 10 to 5 x 5 and use a heavier weight??? I wish I knew!

I used to do this fucked up partial bench press similar to a spotto press back in high school and could add 5 lbs a week for months maybe even half a year. The only difference was the movement was ballistic and I could find a rhythm and just pump the shit out of it rep after rep after rep.

I was benching 250 at 150 which is good for a little dude 5’8″ so something I was doing back then worked. I wish I never stopped so this Tim around once momentum is gained I know to continue regardless of what other people say.

Idea: I could try pressing overhead again using a reverse grip. After all I can cheat lots so getting the weight into this position shouldn’t be too hard. The upright row works well too but I stopped since it overlaps with the chins trying my biceps out and the bench press because of the front delt. Plus I need to do a pushing movement for the former idea is better.

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