Thursday – Pull

  • RDL (w/o belt, w/ straps)
    • 330 lbs x 3 reps
    • 380 lbs x 3 reps
  • Barbell Row
    • 205 lbs x 12 reps (w/o straps)
    • 300 lbs x 12 reps (w/ straps)
  • Barbell Cheat Curl
    • 135 lbs x 7 reps
    • 155 lbs x 3 reps
    • 190 lbs x Failed*


* I was a little tired today so I shortened the length of my workout which allowed me a chance to try a barbell cheat curl. My 190 lbs failed attempt is not a total failure. I could only bring the weight about half way up and made two attempts. I felt a huge burn in my biceps after setting the weight down. Sure I am using my legs and back to help me drive the weight up but my biceps still take an ass kicking just the same. All I know is that curling 135 lbs is now a joke to me and I do believe that once I can cheat curl 225 lbs my arms for sure will be bigger.

I have also noticed that I can develop pulling strength much faster than pushing strength for some reason. So instead of worrying about the bench press and overhead press I am going to focus on pulling power. My short term goal is to barbell row and RDL over 400 lbs for sets and reps.

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