Thursday – Pull Workout


* I wanted to add a new exercise to help develop my grip as I have been using straps for my back training for some time. I am pulling the weight from the rack at knee height and then performing an isometric hold at the top of the movement. I am hoping to increase this weight 5 lbs a workout until I have reached my short term goal of 405 lbs. I have previously done rack pulls from this height using straps with up to 500 lbs for reps.

It is also important to know how heavy this is. For example, John Cena uses 405 lbs for double overhand grip shrugs in his training. At 255 lbs, Cena is a seriously big, athletic dude. He can bench 486 lbs and squat 611 lbs. If 405 lbs is enough to challenge this monster than I will consider myself fn strong to be able to double overhand grip the same weight Cena can at my bodyweight of 175 lbs.