Thursday – Workout

  • Superset: Bench Press & Barbell Row
    • 75 lbs, 10 sets x 10 reps


Supersets are a totally different ball game. I haven’t done then since my youth and when I did it was insane. I have completed 10 sets of 10 reps in the bench press with 155 lbs in the past but not using supersets. I will need time to condition myself in order to lift heavy again.

Nevertheless, all I know is that I am really sore the next day from doing these supersets. So if the amount of weight I am using is Micky mouse it doesn’t matter if you get sore. In fact, the approach I want to take this time towards my weight training is to use the weight as a mean to an end and avoid ego lifting.

Each repetition is preformed slowly and controlled with full muscle contraction on each set. I am also flexing the muscles intensely between sets making the workout much more harder.

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